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The Phony Pony

The Phony Pony Funny Car was each a real funny automobile and a true “phony” car! The automobile was designed by drag racer Junior Brogdon back in the late 1960?s.  It absolutely was a Ford and was based mostly off of the Mustang, hence the “pony” in its name. Bordgon built the automobile to induce into funny automotive racing after he had nice success racing Super Stock in the AHRA. However when he engineered Phony Pony the automotive ended up being funny during a different approach. A totally different method than just being a problem automobile with an altered wheel based mostly and a flip top. It absolutely was funny as a result of it had been more sort of a dragster with a automotive body on prime of it!

The Phony Pony was a slingshot dragster with a Mustang body on top of it (currently you know why it’s phony) with it Brogdon would run a few completely different set ups, the foremost common set up was 2 Ford 289 HIPO motors. The 289s would typically be carbureted other times each would Injected. Different set ups he would run would just be a single injected 289, one blown 289 or just a single 289.

When the Phony Pony debuted the NHRA wouldn’t think about it a real funny automobile therefore Brodgon continually had to run it at Match races solely. Even at Match Races most of the fans and spectators didn’t need to see it, they weren’t huge fans of the fake funny cars and didn’t want to determine a dragster with a automobile body. (Weird as a result of I assume its cool as hell!)

The best time Phony Pony ever ran was 8.36 seconds @ a hundred sixty five.

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